DVPC, Dougherty Valley Programming Class

Everything is Learnable

Taught by Neel Redkar

This is a class that will teach programming to beginners to advanced. These classes will teach mainly one of three things,


  • Web Development
  • Game Design
  • Logistic Programming

Sign up for the class right here for 70$ per kid!


Dates and Location

Dates that the classes will fall on.

  1. June 28,2019
  2. July 5,2019
  3. July 12,2019
  4. July 19,2019
  5. July 26,2019




What we will learn throughout the class.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

They will learn to create a basic webpage with their own domain. They will also learn JavaScript and CSS to make the webpage usable and user friendly. One of the other things I will teach is how to come up with real world problems and how to solve them using programming.

About Me

I am currently a rising 8th grader, who will be going to DVHS. I have a deep passion for programming and computer science. The main reason I wanted to start this class is to cultivate a love for computers early on, or supply them with the skills to create a website from complete scratch, much like the very one you are on right now. I am hopefully going to keep this going on to keep inspiring kids to code, even though it might be confusing, it is needed for analytical and cognitive thinking. Some of the projects I have done are, a machine learning app, many websites, and a internet web scraper that downloads websites. If you wish to see more, visit my GitHub below!

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